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Distant Time Stories

Like peoples from all over the world, our ancestors pondered the big questions: How did the world come to be? Who set the sun, moon and stars high in the sky? How should we relate to the animals that are crucial to our survival? What must one do to be a good person and ensure that we and our families prosper?


As with other cultures, we looked for answers in our dreams and visions, as well as by carefully observing other beings in the world around us. Our distant ancestors interacted with seemingly mythical creatures such as giant beavers and woolly mammoths. It was not too difficult for them to picture a distant time when animals had supernatural powers and could talk with people. They played important parts in creating the world. Stories about these beings and their feats have subtly guided us in the best ways to think, act and react in a variety of situations.  

The Moosehide Slide behind Dawson City, a local landmark and site of a legendary confrontation between people and cannibals.

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