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Men were the main hunters, trappers and fishers. As boys they had been trained and hardened to become strong, swift, accurate with a variety of weapons, and able to endure cold and discomfort during long hunts. They made a variety of tools and weapons such as stone blades, axes, bows and arrows, snowshoes and boat frames. They learned the best seasons and places to hunt, trap and fish. Only after he proved himself able to provide for a family, was a man able to marry; a match that was usually arranged by the families of the couple. A wealthy hunter was a man who was rich in game, fish and fur, and he needed a woman to help manage these resources.


Customarily, he moved in with his wife’s family for a time, to provide for her relatives and to give him access to a new hunting territory. 

Hunting party returning from a successful expedition up the Klondike River valley, January 1900.

Yukon Archives, Isaac and Sadie Stringer fonds, 83/332 #60

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