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Our traditional territory covers a vast region that ranges from deep river valleys to the spare tundra of the uplands. It was once part of the ice free subcontinent known as Beringia during the last Ice Age. Despite the seemingly harsh climate, it provides us with a rich abundance of foods and materials that has enabled us to survive and thrive on this land for thousands of years. 


Our land includes a diversity of landscapes, waterways, animals, fish, birds and plants ― everything our people needed to make a living. We too are part of this land and over many generations we developed a vast body of knowledge about the land’s resources and the best places, seasons and methods to harvest them.


​At the core of our identity is the land that has sustained us and our forebears for thousands of years. It is impossible to overstate the depth of this connection to our homeland. Despite the many changes that came with the great influx of newcomers who occupied much of our territory and tried to “civilize” us, we have kept this connection and continue to work hard to protect it. 

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