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Our Society is based upon our worldview which in turn created our social order and the rites and ceremonies with which we recognize and celebrate the significant passages in our lives. 


All people, regardless of their ancestry or heritage, come with unique histories and worldviews. These are integral to their personal identities – so much so that it is often difficult for them to state exactly what their histories and worldviews are and how they affect how they think and act on a daily basis. Very simply, the term “Worldview” refers to how people see and interpret the world and their place within it. This perspective is influenced by family, culture, personal experience and education.



Understanding our roles within the family and the group was important for our survival and well-being. Each individual had to know their job and do it properly. We were led by the best hunters and fishers, people who could make decisions for the good of all. When we met with other people to trade and socialize, we followed protocols that ensured peace and prosperity. Today, we have adopted a form of government similar to provincial and territorial governments but we have not forgotten our traditional social values and relationships. 


Our people have always come together to celebrate times of plenty and commemorate important life events. These were times to meet with aboriginal people from other areas, visit, trade and inter-marry. A complex set of relationships set out everyone’s responsibilities during these occasions. Today we still draw on these traditions to mark significant milestones in our lives. 

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