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Tsäk-ge-jëk Misses the Feast

They call him Tsäk-ge-jëk. He’s one of those nuisance guys, always messing around. One day he’s out hunting on an island. He kills some ducks. He cleans them and he roasts them by burying them under the hot sand. He leaves their feet sticking out of the sand so he can pull them out when he’s ready to eat. Tsäk-ge-jëk doesn’t like to eat alone.

He says, “I wonder who’s going to eat ducks with me.”

Nobody comes.

So he walks down the beach, walks around. So here comes an old fox. The fox is coming up to Tsäk-ge-jëk really slowly. He’s limping along with his old bones. Tsäk-ge-jëk asks if Fox would like to share the roasted ducks. Fox licks his lips. He sure is hungry.

Tsäk-ge-jëk tells the fox, “I’ll go the long way around the island to see if anyone else wants to join us.

You take the shortcut so you can rest until I get there.”

Tsäk-ge-jëk continues on his way, happy to be able to help poor, old Fox.

But there’s nothing wrong with Fox … except that he’s a wily trickster. In two minutes he rounded a bend and found all of the delicious, roasted ducks. What luck, he thinks to himself.

Meanwhile Tsäk-ge-jëk carries on but he doesn’t find anyone else to share the ducks with. He finally showed up after walking all the way around the island. He didn’t find anyone else to eat the ducks with him. He was very hungry after walking around the whole island so he was looking forward to the nice roasted ducks.

He could see all of the ducks’ feet poking out of the sand. What a feast!

He pulled the first one out and … nothing. The duck was gone … just the feet were there. Same thing with the next and the next and the next.

Fox had tricked him and packed all the ducks home. What a feast indeed!

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